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May 2016 Archives

Clauses business owners should consider before leasing space

If you are a business owner looking for a new venue, you have probably learned about the trends shaping commercial real estate in Southern California. Essentially, the outlook is optimistic, meaning that construction of new buildings and renovations of older properties will continue at least until 2018 barring any major catastrophes. This may bring about a seminal question for business owners: whether to rent space or to buy property.

Can your company benefit from a growing real estate market?

With the midpoint of 2016 approaching, it is safe to assume that the growth that investors had predicted will come to fruition, albeit at a slower pace. Nevertheless, the real estate market in Southern California is poised to continue its growth.

Why a real estate attorney is needed for evictions

To every property owner, whether it is an apartment building, a warehouse or commercial office park, getting a return on one’s investment is an essential part of doing business. This means that monthly rent must be collected from tenants. Invariably tenants may not be able honor their contractual obligation. In these instances, a landlord may have to commence eviction proceedings.

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