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August 2016 Archives

Multi-billion dollar investments taking shape in Anaheim

Our last post voiced a word of caution with regard to commercial real estate. Essentially, with higher vacancy rates, prospective over-building and jitters in the commercial mortgage back securities market, signs pointing to a major downturn are visible in Southern California as well as other regions of the country.

Is the commercial real estate market teetering on disaster?

In a number of our posts, we have noted how the desire for commercial real estate may be slowing even though some of the prime indicators (e.g. vacancy rates, cost per square foot, overall economic growth) may suggest that there are still opportunities for investors to take advantage of. However, the key is to purchase a property or enter into a development agreement at the right time.

The trends that could shape future real estate development

Our last few posts have focused on the state of the market and the growing opportunities with regard to commercial real estate and office locations. However, it is important for real estate investors and financiers to recognize the trends that could shape real estate development in the near future.

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