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November 2016 Archives

Real estate dispute may occur due to one of many issues

A real estate attorney can ensure that the provisions in your real estate contract will protect you. You can also have a claims strategy designed that mitigates losses and maximizes your ability to get insurance coverage in the future, even in a challenging market. Unfortunately, not all real estate transactions go smoothly. If a real estate dispute occurs in Los Angeles, the right legal assistance can help you navigate the litigation process.

Commercial leases can be more complex than residential ones

A commercial lease serves as a contract between a business and a landlord for the rental of real property. Many businesses decide to rent property rather than buying it since this does not require as much capital. In Los Angeles and elsewhere, commercial leases are more complex than their residential counterparts. As with residential properties, though, the terms can be negotiated and vary from one lease to the next.

Real estate investment partnerships can be complex

Joint ventures such a partnerships in real estate development can be complex in Los Angeles. However, an attorney can help people to address the many facets of real estate investment partnerships. The types of projects in which investors can benefit from an attorney's assistance include office buildings, mixed-use projects, hotels, residential housing and industrial parks.

Real estate litigation may stem from failure to disclose facts

Under California law, real estate agents are obligated to disclose every known material fact that may affect the choice of a buyer. This same requirement applies to sellers of residential real estate. If these parties fail to abide by the law, this is grounds for real estate litigation in Los Angeles.

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