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December 2016 Archives

Commercial leases offer benefits over purchasing property

Opening a small business in Los Angeles can be a daunting task, but one of the biggest decisions one must make is whether to buy or lease business property. One of the main benefits of leasing versus buying is that the initial capital required to lease is less than that required to buy. However, several issues are important to consider when exploring commercial leases.

Real estate dispute may involve failure to disclose defect

Purchasing a house in Los Angeles is a complicated and lengthy process. A majority of used homes feature some items requiring upgrading or replacement -- for instance, rusted pipes or outdated wiring. However, in general, the seller has a duty to disclose any major defects in the house, and if this is not done, a real estate dispute may ensue.

Commercial leases can be complex to draft, negotiate

Drafting and executing a lease is a crucial step for both lessees and lessors in business. Making a single mistake in this complex process can be costly long term. However, an attorney can guide you through process of negotiating, drafting and then reviewing commercial leases in Los Angeles.

Court rules for plaintiff in real estate dispute

A man in California who purchased a mansion in cash was under the impression that the home was 15,000 square feet in size. However, a couple of years later, he discovered that the home's square footage was actually listed as being under 10,000 in records for the home. That is when he sued the agent of the seller as well as the brokerage firm. California's Supreme Court in this real estate dispute recently ruled unanimously in the plaintiff's favor, with the outcome of this legal case having implications for both homebuyers and real estate agents in Los Angeles and elsewhere.

Passage of Measure JJJ creates concern among developers

Voters in Los Angeles have approved a new measure that imposes new requirements on certain residential development projects. Measure JJJ applies to projects where builders are seeking zoning changes, such as constructing more units than allowed or in a location where building currently isn't allowed.

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