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January 2017 Archives

When Real Estate Managers Run into Legal Challenges

The real estate industry is constantly changing. While this can be an exciting element of the real estate management business, it can also be a challenging one. People who have experience managing property understand that legal issues concerning both property and tenants can crop up at virtually any time. This is an unquestionably challenging aspect of the job.

Commercial leases can be negotiated

For a businessman or businesswoman, a lease signed for the business is among the most essential documents he or she will ever create. This is true no matter how big or small the company. Understanding what is typically included in commercial leases can help one to be prepared to negotiate one in Los Angeles and elsewhere in California.

Real estate dispute involves new luxury home development

A company recently expressed renewed interest in building a luxury residential development in California. However, it has received resistance from the council of the city in which it wishes to build, as the development would be built on an area considered to be environmentally sensitive. The company, therefore, recently decided to file a legal claim against the municipality. If people in Los Angeles or other parts of the Golden State are unable to resolve a real estate dispute on their own, it is within their rights to take legal action.  

Real estate dispute may stem from failure to disclose

The real estate buying and selling process can be complicated for a wide range of reasons in Los Angeles. One common reason for a real estate dispute is a seller's failure to disclose a defect in his or her property. A seller is obligated to disclose any potential problem to prospective purchasers that may impact the property's value.

Real estate dispute may involve construction defects

Real estate is a complex area for both a home seller and buyer, but it can be particularly challenging for the buyer. One area in which a real estate dispute may surface in Los Angeles or other parts of California involves construction defects. Typically, these cases are based on contracts between developers and homeowners.

Five tips for finding a promising real estate investment

There is always a risk when it comes to real estate investing. Unknown issues can crop up which result in money down the drain. The goal is to minimize these risks as best you can to get the most profit. If you keep these three tips in mind while searching for your next real estate investment then you will be on the right track.

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