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February 2017 Archives

Keeping property management manageable

Managing property is no easy task. The list of things for which you are responsible is long and complex. Not only do you deal with building maintenance, but you may also be required to vet tenants and keep the books. You need a good understanding of landlord-tenant laws and the ability to handle people in tense situations. Needless to say, hardly a day goes by without some kind of problem.

Southern California hot spot for commercial leases

Southern California, including Los Angeles and the surrounding areas, remains a hot spot in the commercial real estate world. One area that is particularly drawing interest when it comes to commercial building purchases and commercial leases is Orange County. This information comes from Ten-X, an online real estate marketplace.

Real estate dispute over lake involves state of California

Some property owners are in a disagreement with the California State Lands Commission regarding the ownership of land on which a lake's private docs have been built. These property owners, who are part of a nonprofit association, have recently filed a lawsuit against the commission in the hopes of resolving this real estate dispute. When two parties cannot solve a real estate issue on their own in Los Angeles or other parts of California, it is within their rights to take the matter to court.

Climate for real estate investment partnerships appears strong

According to a survey that UCLA helped to conduct regarding commercial real estate in Los Angeles and elsewhere in the state of California, the result of the Nov. 8 election last year should cause no major economic shift in the Golden State's commercial real estate market this year. Thus, things are expected to be business as usual when it comes to the forming of real estate investment partnerships in 2017, for example. This is true despite the fact that Hilary Clinton was generally the favorite candidate among voters in the state.

Real estate dispute may involve easement

An easement is a property right providing the holder of the right an interest in the land of another individual. These types of rights have an influence on various kinds of real estate transactions. In some cases, a real estate dispute may erupt in Los Angeles or in another California city over an easement.

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