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March 2017 Archives

California looks promising for commercial leases

In some areas of California, industrial real estate reportedly had a strong 2016 year. Vacant spaces are filling up, and new construction, which is creating more opportunities for commercial leases, is on an uptick. In addition, rents have risen for three years straight now. This may spell promise for business owners and investors in Los Angeles and other parts of the state.

Real estate dispute involving Catholic nuns and pop singer

A group of nuns recently lost their legal effort to prevent pop singer Katy Perry from buying their former convent. After this last ruling, the singer is now one step closer to being able to move into the beautiful property, something she has been trying to do since 2015.

Demand for commercial leases growing near Los Angeles

A community near Los Angeles -- Pasadena -- has experienced steady growth in property values. However, the increasing demand for commercial leases in particular has made it difficult to secure available space. Commercial demand is much higher today than the demand for retail spaces, which has decreased, as well as the demand for office space, which has flattened across the state.

Real estate dispute may involve easement

Easements are one area of real estate that can be confusing for both residential and commercial buyers. A major question posed in a real estate dispute involving an easement, or the right to use a particular piece of land, is whether it is implied or express. The chief difference between the two is that an implied easement in Los Angeles or another part of California is created through particular circumstances, whereas an express one arises from a document or agreement.

Negotiating commercial leases can be tricky

Before negotiating with a commercial landlord, it is critical to understand the types of clauses that are common in commercial lease contracts. Although some contracts are helpful, others may place the tenant at a disadvantage. With an attorney's help in Los Angeles, it is possible to negotiate better contracts for commercial leases and steer clear of legal problems in the future.

Whole Foods Market takes advantage of commercial leases

Whole Foods Market recently signed a lease for yet another brand new store in California. The lease is for a facility that spans a whopping 52,000 square feet. By signing these types of commercial leases, companies in Los Angeles and other parts of the Golden State are able to have a major impact on the economy of a local area, with the lessor -- the owner of the lease -- especially benefiting as well.

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