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May 2017 Archives

Commercial leases look promising in Los Angeles

A lengthy boom in real estate in California is expected to continue to benefit Los Angeles. In fact, a recent survey by CBRE Group, a commercial real estate services firm, indicated that Los Angeles was in first place among cities drawing investors interested in purchasing North American property. As a result, the number of commercial real estate purchases and commercial leases is expected to remain strong in 2017.

Many factors to consider before signing commercial leases

After developing a strong business plan, an aspiring business owner may be ready to finally sign a lease. Commercial leases make it possible to have a storefront that can draw customers without having to buy a property outright. However, choosing the right property to lease in Los Angeles and surrounding communities is critical for long-term business success.

Real estate litigation may involve mortgage fraud

Purchasing a home can understandably be an exciting process for all parties involved, but fraudulent activity can quickly cast a dark cloud over this process. Specifically, mortgage fraud may occur, leading to real estate litigation. Those who are negatively impacted by mortgage fraud in Los Angeles, such as mortgage lenders and brokers, have the right to pursue justice through the civil court system.

You can use risk management to your advantage

The world of construction is changing rapidly. Gone are the days of townspeople coming together to raise a building in a day. California building projects are increasingly demanding, and contractors face many challenges. Owners want their projects completed quickly and cost-effectively while contractors must be aware of local codes, environmental concerns and labor issues.

Rates for commercial leases have come long way since recession

Throughout the United States, including in Los Angeles, lease rates for commercial properties are astonishing. When the market took a plunge during the Great Recession of 2008, the country lost between 40 and 50 percent of its values during in just six months to one year. Now, commercial leases are gaining steam.

Commercial leases expected to be in more demand nationwide

The majority of investors throughout the United States, including in Los Angeles -- 72 percent, to be exact -- are continuing to seek out new investment opportunities in real estate this year. Institutional investors in 2017 are hoping to devote a total of $62 billion to investments in commercial real estate. This means opportunities for businesses interested in commercial leases are expected to increase.

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