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July 2017 Archives

Commercial buildings with commercial leases can be tricky to sell

In Southern California, there are currently several more buyers than there are sellers. As a result, sellers have the upper hand. This may be helpful information for Los Angeles investors who own commercial properties and offer commercial leases but might be interested in selling their properties.

Investors may see value in Napa purchases, commercial leases

Even as real estate values in Los Angeles continue to skyrocket this year, the assessed value of property in Napa County has gone up. Specifically, the value has jumped by a whopping $2.4 billion for the tax year of 2017 to 2018. Those interested in investing in commercial properties and offering commercial leases in this part of California are certainly happy to hear this news.

Protecting your project from defective construction

The process of preparing for a complicated building project may be more intense than the construction itself. With countless unknowns, it is difficult to assess your risk and prepare for every contingency. Your contractors have the responsibility of ensuring they meet their obligations with as little negative impact as possible.

Many types of commercial leases available

Those interested in commercial leases in Los Angeles may understandably be overwhelmed by the various types of terms of agreements available. Unfortunately, entering the wrong types of agreements for commercial leases can be financially devastating long term. Comparing the many options and the possible expenses, beyond just monthly rental amounts, is paramount.

Industrial and commercial leases remain promising

In California, a development company called Stirling Development recently announced its execution of an industrial lease with the consumer goods company Newell Brands for a distribution center. The lease is for a space spanning 195,508 square feet. Industrial or commercial leases such as this one continue to be a promising area of real estate in Los Angeles and other parts of the Golden State.

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