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Properties featuring commercial leases drawing foreign investors

Research shows that nearly a fifth of real estate agents selling non-residential properties closed sales with international clients in 2017. In addition, 35 percent reported that they had seen more international clients come their way during the past few years. As a result, now may be an ideal time for commercial real estate owners in Los Angeles to sell properties featuring commercial leases.

Selling properties with commercial leases can be tricky

For those interested in selling business properties in Los Angeles, issues can easily crop up that are beyond the seller's control. However, in some cases, some of the issues that arise can be blamed on the seller's mistakes. Here are a couple of mistakes that sellers of properties featuring commercial leases may make in California.

Retail commercial leases still offer promise for investors

The real estate world continues to evolve, so much so that it can be difficult to keep up. Of course, failure to keep up may mean many lost investing opportunities. Here is a look at a particular real estate myth that some investors in Los Angeles believe -- a myth that impacts those interested in investing in properties featuring commercial leases.

Properties with commercial leases to be impacted by blockchain

The real estate market in Los Angeles and elsewhere continues to change thanks to the advancements being made in technology. A particular change that appears to becoming to real estate is the increasing use of cryptocurrency. This form of currency may come in handy not only for residential real estate but also for purchasing properties featuring commercial leases.

Building featuring commercial leases purchased for over $130M

A large office campus that eBay occupies in San Jose, California, was recently purchased. The sale price for the building featuring commercial leases was over $130 million. Investors with ties to another country completed the major purchase, the likes of which are continuing to draw attention throughout the Golden State, including in Los Angeles.

Competition for land, commercial leases affects memory care field

As Americans in Southern California keep aging, the current senior care center inventory will not be enough to support the increasing number of elderly individuals. This is particularly true for centers that deal with memory care -- for example, those that accommodate patients with Alzheimer's disease and dementia. At the same time, the shrinking availability of land and commercial leases in dense parts of Southern California, such as Los Angeles, has pushed memory care-related development into the region's secondary markets.

Interest in office property featuring commercial leases purchased

A real estate firm recently purchased a condominium interest in California. Swift Real Estate acquired an interest in an office asset spanning more than 219,000 square feet in San Francisco. These properties featuring commercial leases remain in demand in other parts of the state as well, including in Los Angeles.

Appear Here changes how commercial leases are handled

It is no surprise that store vacancies in the Los Angeles area and in other parts of California and the United States are rising in number these days. At the same time, more tenants are demanding shorter commercial leases. This is the perfect situation for a company called Appear Here, a business that is changing how landlords locate new tenants through an new online marketplace.

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