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Real estate dispute may involve boundary lines

Arguments between neighbors are sometimes inevitable, particularly when they involve property boundaries. Unfortunately, these arguments can quickly escalate, causing extra problems for both parties. In these real estate dispute situations in Los Angeles, seeking a solution through the court system may be the only option for addressing these issues.

Property surveys are completed when properties are purchased and ideally should reveal the properties' boundary lines. However, two neighbors may not agree on where the lines are, and obtaining a survey that is updated may not be possible for various reasons -- for example, due to the property deed's wording or the property's age. In this situation, a neighbor may ask a judge to determine the property's boundary lines, through what is called a quiet title lawsuit.

Limiting your exposure to potential mortgage fraud risks

A California real estate transaction is a major legal and financial process, and when there are unfortunate complications, the impact can reverberate for years to come. When buying or selling commercial real estate, you know that protecting your interests is tantamount, including protecting yourself against mortgage fraud.

With experienced guidance, you can shield yourself from potential complications that are a result of mortgage fraud. Not only will this save you from possibly substantial financial losses, it can help you avoid legal complications in the future. If you believe that you are already a victim of this type of crime, you would be wise to take quick action to avoid further harm.

Silicon Valley buildings with commercial leases draw investors

Multiple foreign investors have purchased hundreds of millions of dollars' worth of real estate properties in the Silicon Valley area. This may be good news for these investors, who may see their bottom lines rise over time as they offer lucrative commercial leases to business owners. It may also be good news for the community and other parts of California, including Los Angeles, which may continue to experience economic growth as a result of such purchases.

The foreign investors have purchased hotels and office campuses. However, their purchases may come as no surprise, as Silicon Valley remains a real estate investment hot spot. Investors overseas still see the area as the best place for purchasing property and witnessing innovation.

Going green being emphasized more with commercial leases

With a greater emphasis being placed on sustainability in Los Angeles and other parts of the Golden State, being green is becoming increasingly important in all areas of business, including in real estate. For this reason, the Institute for Market Transformation recently added multiple enhances to its Green Lease Leaders recognition program. It has collaborated with the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and the Better Buildings Alliance of the U.S. Department of Energy on this initiative impacting commercial leases.

The Green Lease Leaders recognition program was launched back in 2014 and recognizes tenants and landlords in the industrial, retail and office sectors who are seeking to improve their water and energy use via the corporate guidelines and lease clauses they use. The goal of the program is to establish a new green standard for those in the leasing business. Since the program was created, commercial spaces spanning more than 1.3 billion square feet have been called Green Lease Leaders.

Commercial leases available at newly purchased shopping center

A shopping center in Pleasant Hills, California, was recently sold for a whopping $5.3 million. A private investor purchased the center, which features three stores, including a Starbucks. The purchase of such buildings, where small businesses can take advantage of commercial leases, can help to stimulate local economies throughout the state, including in Los Angeles.

Besides Starbucks, stores that have called the shopping center their home include a Pier 1 Imports, a Party City, a T-Mobile and an Aspen Dental. However, Starbucks really drove the re-development of this site, which took 14 months to complete after the property was purchased in June of 2016. Starbucks had been searching for an area to locate in the Pleasant Hills area for about three years before purchasing the shopping center.

Commercial leases on the rise as marijuana growing grows

Legal marijuana growers in California, including in Los Angeles, are causing rents and prices for industrial properties to increase exponentially. In fact, in some parts of Sacramento, prices are jumping to never-before-seen heights. This may be good news for those interested in selling commercial real estate or offering commercial leases.

According to commercial real estate brokers, light-industrial buildings and warehouses are selling for double the typical asking prices. In addition, rents have jumped to four to five times the normal rent prices in a particular area on the southeastern part of Sacramento. The heating up of this market is leading up to recreational marijuana's legalization next year in California.

Identifying the risks involved in your new real estate project

New ventures are exciting. The chance to build something literally from the ground up and watch it grow and thrive can be an enticing reason to start a real estate project. However, before you take that first step, you need a thorough understanding of the potential risks involved.

You may need to conduct a great deal of research and due diligence to understand the risks associated with a project. Depending on what you discover, you may decide to abandon the project or mitigate the risks and move forward.

Warehouse commercial leases growing in demand

Technology appears to be changing the face of modern real estate investing today in the United States, including in Los Angeles. In fact, when it comes to the retail sector, technology has led to a major shift to online retail from its land-based counterpart. As a result, warehouse commercial leases are beginning to draw increasing attention compared with retail building commercial leases.

Consumers in general are starting to purchase many more items online. As the demand for online transactions grows, businesses are needing less merchandise in stores and more warehouse space. In fact, Blackstone -- the biggest real estate investor on the globe -- has bought hundreds of warehouses totalling more than 400 million square feet of space during the past seven years in several countries.

Commercial leases show promise in Palm Springs

California, including the area of Los Angeles, remains a hot spot for real estate investors in the commercial sector. A particular area that is drawing increasing attention is Palm Springs, where commercial leases can benefit both businesses and the community as a whole. Part of the draw of this area is the good quality of life it is purported to offer.

Greater Palm Springs provides world-class fitness, wellness and health care, featuring a wide range of activities, such as yoga and bicycling. In addition, it has three hospitals along with other facilities. The area is also known for its strong culture and arts focus, with multiple museum locations, community theaters, music festivals and a film festival.

Commercial leases to come with new mixed-use development

The state of California, including Los Angeles, continues to offer a wellspring of opportunities for those interested in mixed-use properties. In San Francisco, construction is expected to soon start on a new mixed-use project that will stand six stories tall and feature residential, restaurant and retail spaces. Just a few important permits are necessary before the construction phase can begin and commercial leases are offered.

The area being developed was the site of a McDonald's restaurant in recent years. Now, instead of seeing golden arches there, passersby will start to see a building that spans 150,000 square feet and features ritzier food and beverage options. Restaurants and retail shops will be on the ground floor, and there will also be 20 hotel rooms and 77 apartments sold at market rates. Three floors will also be dedicated to underground parking.

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